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Thursday, August 26, 2010

My A1c rocks.

High fives all around. I got a great report today at my endocrinologist's, who, by the way, is around my age and just a super cool guy. I love it when a doctor talks to you non-doctorly. (My blog. I can make up words if I want.)

For example, that night in February when he diagnosed me with Type 1 diabetes, I sort of needed a second to 'collect' myself from the news. And he very cooly told us, "It's ok to be upset. Don't be all tough. This sucks. I know. It just sucks. But you're going to be ok." Matt and I don't know what we would have done without him through all this.

Ok, back to the appointment. I rocked. He said I am doing great with the pump. My infusion sites look great (sounds scary) and my numbers were awesome. When I was diagnosed, my A1c level was off the chart, and the chart went to 13. Today, it was 6.1. A 6.5 is considered excellent. In other words, I got an A+.

If you're wondering what A1c is, it's also called hemoglobin A1c, and is a blood test that measures the level of glycosolated hemoglobin in a person's blood. That totally cleared it up, didn't it? Long story short, A1c levels correspond to a blood sugar levels.

So my 6.1 A1c level indicates that for the past 3 months, my blood sugar levels averaged about 135. Yay, me. I was so glad to be given a thumbs up. Dr. M was right. This disease does suck, but it does not control me. Not even close.

Now, on to tackle the nap mat.


Superchikk said...


Kim Hon said...

you go girl!
I am proud for you!

Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

this is great news! don't you love it when you find medical professionals who really care! i hope you have a fabulous weekend! xoxo

Karen said...

Awesome A1C!!! Great work!!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm playing catch up on your blog! I had no idea about your diabetes but I'm so happy that you're doing so well!!! That's awesome.