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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Family Resemblance

This picture of Baby Matt (aka Baby Daddy) sits on top of Jeb's dresser. Today when Belle said something about how "cute Daddy was," Jeb propped his hand on his little hip and insisted, "Dat not Daddy! Dat me!"

Which gave me an idea. (Of course.)

I found shaving cream and a razor (cap on) and decided to recreate the picture with Jeb. Great idea, right? In theory, maybe. The boy was having NONE of the shaving cream. This is what I got from him.

Hmmmmmm? Not exactly what I was hoping for. (Jeb, you're fired.) But I think I do see a resemblance. Maybe not as much as when Jeb was younger. This picture of Matt still amazes me. I honestly would have gotten them confused in real life.

We finished up the photo shoot with these....

Most people do say my kids look more like their daddy than anyone else. What do you think? Do you see the resemblance?


Leanne said...

That can't be Matt in that picture! It is Jeb, I just know it! LOL! I cannot believe how much they look alike!!

Guillen said...

After seeing that picture, I don't think Estella Dru looks so much like you anymore. I guess her and Jeb BOTH look just like your husband!!