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Thursday, December 31, 2009

NYE 2009, Slaughter Style

It's New Year's Eve 2009, and we decided to spend it together as a family. Shocking, right? To be honest, Matt and I normally try to at least go to dinner by ourselves on NYE, but this year, we decided to hang out with our babies and just bring in the new year together. And I'm just going to tell it like it is... it was stressful. And hard. We tried to do dinner, but it was just really bad. Jeb hadn't taken a nap, so he was having none of the high chair or his chicken. The girls were fighting across the table over Barbie doll shoes. Belle dropped an entire bowl of ketchup in her lap. Jeb hit Estella in the eye with a plastic motorcycle. Afterwards, I really wanted to go to Barnes and Noble--yes, I'm a glutton for punishment. After an exhaustive search, I couldn't find the book I wanted. Matt asked someone who worked there, and they told him in .2 seconds that they didn't have it. Hmmmm? Why did I think of asking? Everyone piled back in the Jeep. The kids began chanting for ice cream. Of course. Again, Belle spilled hers in her lap. Jeb threw his in the floor board, and it landed on top of Estella's boot then dripped slowly to the floor mat. I was never so glad to see the inside of my garage as when we pulled back into it. After they had a bath, they helped me make some sweets, then we sent them off to bed... all begging to stay up longer. I sat down on the couch next to Matt, relieved, and seconds later, I missed them (just a little). So, yeah, it was the perfect evening. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Before we left on our little NYE outing we took some "last of 2009" pictures. Here are some of them, ending with a few after we made it home--one of Jeb eating cookie batter off my finger (which he did about 100 times) and the last one is of the kids after their bath and before we herded them off to bed. HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Kitchen Re-do: SUCCESS

Several people have asked me if we have our kitchen finished yet. I LOVE that people care about my kitchen. Thank you so much for asking or wondering! And the answer is... it is 99.9% finished. I need to find a few rugs and a few more accessories, but for the most part, yes it is done. PRAISE THE LORD! This is the second kitchen Matt and I have "re-made" together, and both times it was quite the undertaking... especially re-doing cabinets. SO worth it, but just a chore! But if I loved the cabinets we did in the Siloam house, I am CRAZY IN LOVE with these cabinets. (Thanks again, Kirsten, for all your instructions. You are precious.)

One day, we will change the countertops... maybe. For right now, I am very happy and content with things as they are. I wish I would have been more on the ball and taken better "BEFORE" pictures. I pulled one of Jeb from the archives, and the others are a few I took after Matt started on the backsplash. And let me just say that everything we did was extremely inexpensive. I didn't exactly pick my 'dream' anything. I picked things I liked and that we could afford. I made the curtains and waited until all the accessories I liked were 50% off at Hobby Lobby. So, you don't have to spend a fortune on a room re-do. It can be done on a tight budget! (Oh... but an extremely handy husband IS required.)



Saturday, December 26, 2009

Slaughter Christmas 2009, in the books...

So many Christmas pictures. I considered breaking up the posts so I could do a few pictures here and a few there. But then decided I should just cull them down (which was so hard) and put them all in one big post. We travelled to Grandpa's on December 22nd and stayed until Christmas Eve. We have a new camera that I haven't really learned to use yet. Matt took the kids out on a very informal photo shoot on Grandpa's farm. (In case you're wondering, yes, Jeb is almost always in this hat. It is a must have for him.)

Pretty Estella

Belle and Jeb walking beside old chicken house.

Love these of Belle...

Little farm girl.

Drusy in the hay shed.

Jeb loves stealing Grandpa's cane.

Pawpaw with my and my little brother's little ones.

We came home Christmas Eve, and during the night, this happened!!

We got the idea of a wrapping paper 'break-through' from our friend Jill. SO fun. Except Belle wiped out, and Dru kept right on going.

Estella in her new wig (that she's been BEGGING for). And for the rest of the day, we confused her with her sister.

After opening gifts from Santa at home, we drove (very slowly and carefully in the snow) to Gigi and G-Pops' house. Here are Lynlee, Belle, and Belle.... I mean, Dru, in front of Gigi's tree.

A very early morning baby.

After opening presents, the boys took the little ones sledding! Lynlee, E Dru, and Jeb. It was all fun and games until they crashed.

And here's a great one of Estella wiping out. Poor thing.

What a wonderful daddy.

Pretty pretty Belle in the snow.

Uncle Pat and Ms. Lynlee.

It really was a wonderful Slaughter Christmas. Thank you, Lord for all the undeserved blessings you have given to me. I really do stand amazed. And thank you for a happy, beautiful Christmas.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Baking Day 2009

I know. I know. Enough with the Christmas posts and the bazillion pictures. But seriously... it's the most wonderful time of the year, right? We have to take advantage of every moment. Today we spent the majority of the day at Matt's parents' house making candy and baking. It was so much fun, and we have lots of yummy goodies to show for it. Even the kids got in on the action making Christmas cookies. They did such a good job. A little messy and, at times, a bit excessive on the icing and sprinkles, but still... they had a ton of fun. (And so did the adults. If a blue ribbon would have been available for the best cookie decorator, I think I would have taken it home. Hands down. I'm just sayin'....)

So, here are some pictures from the day for you to enjoy and so I won't ever forget.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Christmas 2004

Last week I ran across this video we made for our family Christmas 2004, the year Estella Dru was born. It's a very amateur job, but I bawled like a baby the entire time I watched it. Where, oh where, does the time go? We had just moved into the Siloam house and had not even begun the repairs, as you can tell by looking. But what wonderful memories of that time. My girls were so little. I swear I just blinked, and here they are... such big girls. I love them so much.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More Christmas (Way Too Many Pictures Ahead)

We are still celebrating Christmastime at our house. And as hectic as these attempts may be, they are so much fun.

Gingerbread Men Making Day!

Even Jeb got in on the action.

Out of the oven and ready to get all dressed up.

Matt is no longer allowed to participate.

Jeb got a tad messy.

Belle and her masterpiece.

Estella and her masterpiece.

Afterwards, I asked Matt to get Jeb dressed so we could go look at Christmas lights. This is what happened.

And here are a few house shots.


One of my favorite ornaments. It's a muffin tin I got the month after Grandma died, 2005. Everyone loved her cornbread muffins. (Except me. Sorry, Grandma.)

And this one is an ornament I bought when I found out Jeb was a boy. SO exciting.

Stockings waiting to be filled! Oh, and check out the new tile. Matt just took out the old stuff and replaced it with new. I love it.

And finally, our gingerbread house, complete with little paper umbrella. The Slaughter girls got style.