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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Award, Bucket List, and a Conversation with an Honest 7 Year Old

The ever-so-sweet and talented, Ms. Kate, over at Southern Belle Simple surprised me with an award today. Oh, Kate... if only we were closer, we would totally hang out. If you haven't checked out her blog, you really must. She chronicles life in the south with amazing photographs, stories, recipes, decor... you name it, and if its southern and fabulous, you can find it on Kate's blog.

The stipulation is, I have to list seven things about myself. So... I thought I'd list the last seven things on my bucket list. Not that I'm planning on bugging out anytime soon. I still have lots to do. But here they are....

7.) Go on a pick with Mike and Frank. (Don't tell me you don't watch American Pickers.)
6.) Spend a week in Washington, DC, with an expert guide who will take me/show me every bit of history in that city that only an expert guide would know. (Does this one make me a nerd?)
5.) Own a two-story, tricked-out, MTV Cribs-worthy cabin on the lake.
4.) Have a one-on-one conversation with Mr. John Grisham in which he finds me intriguing. (That man is intimidating, isn't he?)
3.) Cook with Paula Deen.
2.) Have a "girlfriend" dinner with Beth Moore.
1.) (This is a BUCKET LIST, right? I gotta go out big.) Become a best-selling author who truly helps people. Which reminds me of a conversation I had today with Belle. It went as follows:

Belle: Mommy, when are you going to stop working on your chapter book?
Me: Not much longer.
Belle: And then what?
Me: Then we are going to try to find someone to publish it.
Belle: (Pause to think.) So you have to let them read it and see if they like it?
Me: Yes.
Belle: And if they do, they'll make it into a real book and put it in stores.
Me: Yes.
Belle: (Even longer pause to think.) But if it's really awful, they'll just throw it in the trash?
Me: (Sigh.) Yes, Belle.
Belle: I hope it's not awful.
Me: Me, too, Belle. Me, too.


Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

you totally deserved it lady! and i am positive that your book is so far from awful! it's going to be great...i am speaking blessing over it right now! can't wait to see what god has in store! xoxo

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

What is your book about???

Last winter, my inlaws came from Arkansas and we spent several days in Winter Park. We took them snow-tubing while there. My mother in law was a HUGE sport and after a really, really, terrible time getting UP the hill she slid down in a tube with her grandchildren. When we got to the bottom, she quipped: "Now I can cross that off my bucket list". I nearly peed my pants.