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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Reindeer Pops

I really wish I was creative enough to come up with this stuff on my own. But I'm not. Once again... I'm a pirate.

I found this super cute idea here. Reindeer Pops.

The kids and I did everything as instructed in the link above with a few exceptions. First of all, separating the Nutter Butters can be tricky. The first ones we did broke into several pieces. I decided to take over that job, and I used a butter knife to carefully separate them before adding more peanut butter on BOTH sides. Then the kids put the popsicle stick inside and closed the cookies tight. (You can find the popsicle sticks in the craft department of Wal-Mart.)

After we dipped our cookies in melted chocolate bark, we had to work fast to assemble the little reindeer face before it hardened. So sorry for the lack of pictures. We were really movin'.

We added our M&M nose, then the white chocolate chips with the tips cut off for the eyes. Next we sprinkled on a few sprinkles on the reindeer's cheeks, and last.... the antlers.

I found the best way for us to do the antlers was to stick them INTO the sides of the cookie, INTO the peanut butter. It worked great for us. (Keep that in mind when you're adding your peanut butter.)

And lastly, I put a little extra melted chocolate bark into a baggie and cut a tiny hole in the corner to make the little 'dots' of the reindeer eyes.

To be completely honest, there were several steps to these that Mommy had to do simply because of the hot chocolate and little hands. But the things the kids really enjoyed doing (even Jeb) was adding the extra peanut butter to the cookie halves, putting in the popsicle sticks and smushing everything back together, counting out (and eating) the M&Ms and chocolate chips, and breaking (and eating) the pretzels.

After everything had hardened, we bagged them up into these cute bags I had left over from doing our caramel apples. I found them in the wedding accessories aisle in Wal-Mart. We just slipped them on and tied on some ribbon.

Don't tell, but I slipped one into Estella Dru's lunch box today. I have a feeling she's going to be one happy little kindergartner.

These were super fun to do. The girls worked great together... see yesterday's post... so that was a win all by itself. And Jeb... well, I can't even begin to count the number of cookies he broke, but it didn't matter. They had a ball. And in Matt's words, "For something so froofy, they really do taste good."

Coming from Matt, Mr. Picky himself, that is huge.


Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

i wanted to post a thoughtful comment, but i'm busy looking up the word "froofy" in the dictionary....not having much luck so far.

what an awesome project! you are one amazing momma! xoxo

Karen said...

Those are just so adorable!!!! :)

Tyla said...

How cute! You have just supplied an idea of something to send to my son's kindergarten Christmas party. Thanks. Whew! That's one less thing to think of now.

Kelsey said...

Those are so stinkin cute!

Josh, Lori and Reid said...

I am so glad you did a trial run of these. Reid and I plan to make them for his class next week and we will use your tips.

Leanne said...

I tried to make those last year...and, totally failed! If I try them again, I'll use your tips! They turned out great!

Tyla said...

Okay, wanna hear something funny? I went to the store to get the items to make this with John-Heath - and ended up having the munchies and just stuck with the Nutter Butters. lol

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

CUTE! I'm so copying this...either for Abbey's classroom party or for neighborhood kids' gifts! LOVE it. My "tween" could probably handle it all by herself and she'd love every minute of it too!

Sherry Patton Stahl said...

My girls and I are SOOOOO making these!!! :D