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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Oreo Pops

Are you needing a quick, cute snack project for your child's class Christmas party? Jeb and I made these yesterday, and I think they might just fit the bill.

I didn't take step-by-step pictures due to all the extra "help" I had (aka the 2-year-old-who-thinks-he-needs-to-do-everything-by-himself), but who needs pictures, right?

I used a bag of the peppermint flavored Oreos and broke them open so that all the filling stayed on one side. Then I melted a little white chocolate and put a touch in the center of a cookie on top of the filling, then pushed a sucker stick on top of the melted chocolate and put the other half of the cookie on top. After this sets up, your sucker stick is 'fastened' in place.

After, I just dipped the Oreos (holding the stick) into more melted white chocolate. I dipped others in red-colored melting chocolate I purchased from Hobby Lobby in the candy aisle, along with the sucker sticks. I only used red and white, but you could go with any color you like.

Then I just drizzled with more melted chocolate, and on a few, I sprinkled some red sprinkles and/or peppermint Hershey's kisses shavings.

I bagged them up, tied on a bow, and that was it. I gave them a 'test run' using my kids and niece and nephew as test subjects. They passed with flying colors.

Here is another great idea from the Idea Room using Oreos to make little snowmen.


Tyla said...

Great idea. Thanks!

Gina said...

Oh my gravy! What an AWESOME idea! Awesome!!! (I'm sing-songing "awesome" in my head like my 4 y/o says it). Love, love, looooove! So stealin' this idea!

Gina said...
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**Amy** said...

Those are really cute and fun. I had no idea they made peppermint oreos! Must.find.some! Thanks for the link!