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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


We have a little problem at our house.

If Jeb makes it in the house before anyone else, he locks us all out.

Go ahead. Laugh if you will. But you try standing outside. In a cold garage. Weighted down with grocery bags. Screaming for a giggling two-year-old to let you in. It can get frustrating.

Yesterday Matt was the last one in the house. I knew what Jeb was thinking, so I grabbed my phone to catch it on video. But the poor little guy ended up needing just a little help.... I was happy to oblige.

Did you see how scared he was at the threat of a spanking? Oh the horror in his eyes.


Jill said...

That made me laugh! Y'all are so funny!!!

Superchikk said...

One of my worst fears has been getting locked out with Caedmon in the house by himself. So I keep a spare key hidden in the garage...just in case!

The Turnipseeds said...

Very funny! Nash does the same thing to us, but we can see him through the glass. He just takes off running, I hope it never happens with just him in the house. Jeb and Nash together would get in sooo much trouble!

Annie said...

We love watching your little family videos. Courtney and I laugh and she always asks to watch them like 10 times!