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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Homemade Doughnut Snowmen

Last night, the girls and I were home alone and decided to make doughnuts... the old-fashion, how-Grandma-did-it, insanely unhealthy way. We popped open a can of biscuits, cut out holes in the middle, dropped them in hot oil, and rolled in powered sugar. And icing. And cinnamon and sugar.

We needed a little variety, ok??!

As I was rolling the last ones in powdered sugar, Estella Dru said, "Mama, these look just like snowballs." Ding! Ding! Ding! I had an idea. I remembered this post about little powered sugar doughnut snowmen and thought, "I bet we can make our own."

So I made some big "snowballs" by rolling several biscuits together and dropping them into the oil, then rolling them in the "snow" (aka powdered sugar).

We made some little hats out of black construction paper and scarfs out of an old dishtowel I had that had seen better days. The eyes are rolled up Tootsie Roll balls stuck on with a toothpick, and we fashioned the carrot nose out of a red Now and Later (all left over Halloween candy, by the way). We built a stand for our snowmen by covering a piece of cardboard with green construction paper, then made it snow by covering that with fiberfil or "stuffing." We then stuck three skewers into the cardboard with a little hot glue to make sure they stayed and built our snowmen by pushing the snowballs onto the skewers. Oh! And as you can tell, their little arms are broken pretzels.

Our little snowmen turned out cute and were a big hit with the Slaughter kids. After this, maybe they won't ask to do a gingerbread house.

Yeah, right.


Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

awesome!!!! you all are so creative. your kids will be remembering this stuff forever! such a good momma

The Frat Pack + Me said...

okay, yum! Craving a doughnut now!