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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Don't Eat the Popcorn

One of my good friends was one of many children in her family. One of my favorite stories she ever told me was about how with so many kids, when food came out, they jumped on it. Food didn't last long, so they grabbed whatever they could as fast as they could.

One day the family had just shared a big bowl of popcorn, and as usual, it was gone in seconds with no one feeling they had enough. Then my friend looked down and spotted a piece of fluffy white popcorn on the floor. Without even a thought, she snatched it up and popped it into her mouth... only to discover it wasn't a piece of popcorn at all, but a rolled-up ball of deodorant that had fallen from someone's armpit.

Gag. Gag. Gag.

But I LOVE that story. Every time I think of it, I think about how many times I have jumped into a decision without thinking (or praying) the way I should have... and ended up suffering the consequences. Even times when things fell magically into place and couldn't have appeared to be more perfect, when I stilled myself and listened, God was saying, "No. That's not what I have for you now. Be patient."

I don't know why I felt prompted to share that today, but I did. If you're facing a big decision, find a quiet place away from all the fluffy white popcorn-ness and noise, and listen to what He has to say. The last thing you want to do is end up stuck with a mouthful of deodorant, pretending everything is fine.


Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

good insight but along a similar vein, i ate some deodorant once when i was little because it looked just like a push up and i knew it would taste delish....not so much!

Anonymous said...

I think that was meant for me. Thanks ang for being an awesome vessel for the Lord. He uses you to reach so many people and today it is like you looked straight into my heart. Love ya and can't wait to see you.

Cindy said...

I will never look at popcorn the same:)

Lisa said...

Great thoughts!

Savannah B said...

That cracks me up, and I love it. I think "Don't eat the popcorn" will be my new mantra, reminding me to stop and pray in the middle of my crazy. Only, I'll have to say it quietly, lest my family thinks I've gone 'round the bend. :)