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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jeb, Me, and Caramel Apples.

Today Jeb and I made caramel apples. (Well... Jeb watched and sampled everything in sight while I made caramel apples. But he definitely inserted himself into the process.)

I know the easiest way to do caramel apples is melting down caramel candies. But I really wanted to go homemade with our apples. Grandma did everything homemade. She taught me well.

So, I found a recipe that looked good (aka, a recipe that contained sweet and condensed milk), and we got started. The recipe is great as given (just click the link). The only thing I might suggest is to wait just a bit before coating the apples. The caramel seemed to thicken up a little as it sat.

We made plain caramel, caramel pecan, and caramel pecan with chocolate drizzle. For the chocolate drizzle, I just melted down some chocolate chips in the microwave and drizzled it on top of a few.

We are planning on giving some away as little fall gifts tomorrow, so I found these neat little bags in the wedding section at Wal-Mart. We split open the sides of the bags about half way down, then stuck the apples inside and tied with a bow. (This will ONLY WORK if your apples are pretty small. Otherwise, you might try some of the little candy bags that can be found in the Trick or Treat aisles.) Just make sure your caramel and chocolate have set up before you put into the bags.

I have to admit, I did sample one... simply for blogging purposes, of course. And it was good. Really good.


bella<3edward said...

These look delish! Can't wait to make 'em. And I'll do the same sampling, I'm sure... you know, strictly for blogging's sake :)

The Jordon Family said...

They look great! Jeb looks so sweet with the "sampling" on his mouth :)

Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

oh the lengths we go to in the name of blogging.....i definitely took one for the team when i had to eat several moon pies to make sure they were ok....thank goodness for stretchy pants :)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

YUM!!!! Homemade caramel? I'm impressed. I always take the easy way out!