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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Do you tweet?

Do you Twitter? Or is it, do you tweet? Either way... do you?

I'll be honest. I love Twitter. When Matt first told me about it (years ago), I laughed and told him it sounded ridiculous to me. Who needed Twitter when we lived in a Facebook world? I have officially eaten my words.

Here are some of my recent tweets....

Kids playing hide-n-go-seek. Dru hid under blanket. When Belle found her she tried meowing to throw her off--the old pretend-to-be-a-cat trick.

Wldnt let girls watch Wiz of Oz. Snuck arnd & did it anyway. Now begging to sleep with us. Belle: I shoulda believed u abt the monkeys, Mom.

Instead of hitting Dru again, a tactic that wasn't working, Jeb reached down and calmly unbuckled her seatbelt. Pure genius.

Wonder how long before Jeb realizes he really isn't controlling the Wii, but Daddy is doing it all behind him. Twill be a sad, sad day.

Spell check always wants to change "Ang" to "Nag." My husband finds this funny.

Jeb just pointed to a bottle of Tums and yelled, "Candy!" Thanks, Grandpa.

When exiting ladies room in Fville Jason's Deli, hang a right. Straight will take you into men's room. & you will feel stupid. I'm guessing.

Guy just got on treadmill nxt to me wearing orange prison clothes. Trying to play it cool. Pretend to text. Just pretend to text.

So do you Twitter? Why or why not? Are you a loyal Facebooker? I'd love to hear.


Cindy said...

I don't twitter or tweet...I guess I haven't caught up yet...but I don't have internet access on my phones...way too pricy!! I do check fb everyday though...sometimes waaaayyy too often!!!

Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

I only recently jumped on the twitter bandwagon but I use it more for blog stuff/promoting things....facebook more for personal things. Although I have made some great connections on twitter that I really cherish! xoxo

Mundane Jane said...

Most of the people who follow me (and whom I follow)on Twitter are "virtual friends," in that we don't really know each other. Facebook friends are people I know irl.

Also, famous-y people do sometimes tweet back to you on Twitter. That doesn't happen anyplace else, that I know of.

I love the preciseness of Twitter (it's like poetry that way) and its immediacy--I'm much more up to date, news-wise, since Twitter came along.

Superchikk said...

I'm on Twitter periodically all day long. You can tell when it's naptime - that's when all the moms of young kids are on there! I also thought it was stupid at first, but now I rely on it more than Facebook. Actually, I only check Facebook to catch up with people who aren't on Twitter!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

Nope. Not a tweeter. Or twitterer. Or whatever you call yourself. But after reading your funny tweets I sorta wish I was