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Monday, January 10, 2011

A "Snowed In" Snack

We aren't really "snowed in" today. (Dang it.) But I had planned on making these this morning to take to some sweet people who have been wonderful to us lately. And then I thought... what a great "snowed in" snack.

Someone very precious to me used to make these, and I'm so glad I thought of them after all these years. Here's what you do....

Place around a cup and a 1/2 of creamy peanut butter into a plastic baggie, squish it down to one corner, and cut a hole in that corner.

Fill the inside of Bugles chips with the peanut butter from the bag. (Some of the chips are more "open" than others. Don't force it. Just use the "open" ones and save the rest to snack on later.

I didn't count how many I made. I just filled until I got tired of filling. You can do the same.

Next, crush about a cup of pecans. And I mean crush. You want them almost powdery. Set aside. You'll need them in a minute.

Now you need to get some melting chocolate. I already had some chocolate chips, so I added the bag of chips, plus around a tablespoon of shortening to the bowl and used a double boiler system to melt. (The shortening just makes it more smoother and manageable. It's not a necessity.) You can use any sort of melting chocolate you have on hand.

Once your chocolate is melted, dip only the end of the chip into the chocolate, sealing off the peanut butter end. Before the chocolate begins to set up, sprinkle on your pecans.

Let them set up. (I put mine in the garage for about thirty minutes, and that's all it took. It's cold out there!) And that's it. Serve away.

WARNING: We made these at Christmas, and they went fast. Lightening fast. They may be slightly addictive, so if you're on a New Year's Diet, prepare yourself to resist.

And then watch yourself eat the whole batch.


Superchikk said...

Those look yummy! Bugles is one of those things Chris loves but I never think to buy them. I may have to put them on my list and try this soon!

Carolynn said...

We had these at Christmas as well but without the pecans. My MIL called them Santa hats:-) Very yummy!

Nel said...

Oh wow... never seen these before. How cool! Thanks for sharing.

until next time... nel