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Friday, January 14, 2011

Random Friday

1.) My house is a wreck. If you came over, I wouldn't consider opening the door. Because I would lose friends. And respect.

2.) Yesterday when I put Jeb in the car, he said, "I no watch iCarwy." (The girls' iCarly dvd was in the dvd player.) I was thrilled. Yes! He wants a tough, boy movie. I started looking for Thomas or Diego when he said, "Hey Mama. You got Barbie?"

3.) I really want to make this. Doesn't meant that I will.

4.) Still working on book number two. I have put Matt is charge of deciding who to talk to/what to do/where to go in efforts to get number one published. It is brutally hard to get published, just in case you were wondering. One of the agents I really like posted her stats from last year. Out of 10,000 unsolicited queries (people like me who have not been referred) she received in 2010, she took on NONE of them. That's 0 out of 10,000. It's going to be hard. But not impossible.

5.) Last year at this time I was falling out of my size 2 jeans. I was sick and about to find out that life was seriously going to change. (Ahhhh, to go back to those few months of bliss when I was tiny and dying but had no idea. Sigh.) But I was falling out of my size 2s. I still have those size 2s. And that is all I will say about that.

6.) Matt has Fatbooth on his iPhone. I am sure it is politically incorrect and insensitive on so many levels. I apologize in advance. But I haven't been feeling so great this morning, so in an effort to make me smile, he sent me this picture with the caption, "Do I look bloated?" Ummm, "bloated" is not the word I would choose.

7.) We are still working on my new site. It's going to be clean and simple and I am so excited about it. One of my favorite features will be that I will have the ability to comment on a comment left by a reader. I love that and can't wait to get it up and running.


Gail said...

Your blog posts always make me smile. And I thank you for that. I am enjoying following.

Christina said...

You have probably already found this website, but if you haven't,

Joycee said...

I would love to know how to set up the answer comment function. Don't worry about the size 2 jeans, they make bigger!

Superchikk said...

1. I can promise that today, my house was worse than yours.

3. Me too! And I probably won't either. But did you see the rose things she posted today? I might have to make those for Baby Sister's room...if someone will let me.

4. I'm proud of you for pressing on. Chris ended up self-publishing his. He was happy with that decision, so I'm happy for him.

6. Chris also has Fatbooth. The dog looks hilarious on it.

The Young Family said...

Matt - this is Blake, Kacey showed me your picture. I'm not sure what your new year's resolution is but I know what it should be...