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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wow. Ice sucks.

Snow is fun. Ice STINKS! Capital S-T-I-N-K-S. And it especially stinks when it falls from the sky, sticks to tree limbs, and those tree limbs fall onto houses... and trampolines... and power lines... and whatever makes cable work.

Short version of our lives since Monday.

Monday evening: Load up the family for one last outing before the 'possible' ice storm hits. Make it less than a mile down the road. Do a complete 180 in the street. End up in ditch. Turn around. Come straight home. Decide one last outing was a BAD idea.

Tuesday around lunch: Lose power. Decide to go to Matt's Mom and Dad's. Dodge trees and power lines trying to make it there. Finally make it. They don't have power either. Spend several hours sitting on back porch watching and listening to the timber snap.

Wednesday-Friday: Live on the mercy of others. Meanwhile, every member of the family except for Estella Dru gets the stomach bug. Lots and lots of vomit in places vomit should not be. Matt drives to our house to survey the damage. It's not great but many have it much worse. Count our blessings and bid farewell to my beloved pear tree.

Friday afternoon: Power is restored! Come home and marvel at our modern conveniences. Mourn the loss of my pear tree.

Friday night: Still marveling... and mourning...

Saturday: The clean up begins. Family comes over and everyone pitches in. An ALL DAY affair.

Plan for tomorrow (Sunday): Church. Matt and some guys from our connection group are going to help neighbors and friends with clean up. The girls and I plan on making a ton of chocolate chip cookies and taking them to every house in our neighborhood--try to make a difference.

The week in pictures......

Slaughter kids chilling by the fire when power went off. It's all still fun and games.

At Gigi and G-Pops'. Because what else do you do in an ice storm but watch timber break?

Jeb all bundled up with G-Pops watching the 'show'.

We still can't figure out how not one window was broken.

My poor pear tree.

One view of the back yard. Our fence is broken in many places.

Front view.

My little tree again. Tears.

And the clean up begins. We put everyone to work. Even Jeb.

Well, maybe not E Dru. She sort just stood around in her coat and pajamas and looked cute.

Lynlee helping in the clean up. Check out the big stick she's adding to the pile.

Belle actually was a big helper. She wanted to be anyway.

And the final shot of my pear tree. Sigh. Farewell, Dear Friend.

Remember what I said about others having it much worse? Here's a good example. This was a house on the road to Matt's Mom and Dad's. That is a huge tree uprooted and resting on their roof.


Erica said...

Wow! Sorry you guys had damage from the storm. We lost part of the tree in our front yard at our house in Bville. Thankfully it didn't fall onto the house- only on the "for sale sign" and one of our nice neighbors cut it up and put our for sale sign back up! :-) Take care and I hope you guys get it all cleaned up and life back to normal soon.

The Jordon Family said...

We feel your pain Ang.. I wish I could say we just had one tree down and gone..
We are so blessed though to not have had our living room windows busted out and our roof busted in ..Big Praise to God for keeping us safe.. It was a creepy week to say the least! Our front yard doesn't look so great, but our back yard and deck is a mess.. Hate Ice !!!

Ben and Kristen said...

I'm sorry about your tree. And the stomach bug. That is no good AT ALL!!! But glad you are ok. Thanks for checking in!

Dawayne and Courtney said...

Oh my! I thought I would be said in our new house with no trees in the neighborhood with it being brand new...nope! Loved it. Sorry about the lil pear tree. Hope everyone is done puking! tell the girls I said hey! Have a good week, ttyl!

Superchikk said...

We only have little trees in our yard that weren't damaged beyond what a little healing time can fix. So we thought we were going to escape relatively unscathed. But our neighbor's tree fell over the fence into our yard! We still don't have near the cleanup headache that many others do though.