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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Have you seen our daddy???

I haven't written about Matt being out of the country this week. I didn't feel good about broadcasting the fact that the kids and I have been alone in the house for 8 days while he's gone. (As if there are bandits and kidnappers who read my blog. I'm so paranoid.) Anyway, he is in Honduras. (Yes, Honduras... not Haiti. God is good.) But he gets home soon, and we won't be alone until then... so I feel ok about sharing. It has been a rough week. We all miss him so much, but he is having some incredible experiences. It is well worth it. I can't wait to hear about everything he has been a part of. We only get to talk a couple minutes each night on a satellite phone, and we usually text once or twice a day. We are so ready for him to be home.

The kids have been great. Belle and Estella Dru have been especially helpful since Daddy has been gone. Drusy has spent lots of time taking care of her 'babies.' While Belle has done a great job of taking care of her baby brother.

Probably our most exciting event is that Jeb started walking this week. He went from 2 steps one day, to 5 steps the next, to all the way across the room the next. Walking has yet to become his preferred mode of transportation, but hopefully he'll make the full transition soon. I am so proud of him.

And today I found a note on my door from the florist. I ran by there, and they gave me this.... I have the best husband in the universe.

And while the kids have been wonderful, they are extremely ready to see their daddy. Here is a picture of them the day he left.... before his absence had become a reality.

And here is a picture of them today. Notice a difference?

We are ready to see him. He is incredibly loved and missed!


Sharon said...

I'm so glad things have gone well for you! :) It is hard when they are gone!

I don't know if I told you or not, but I LOVE LOVE Dru's hair! It is so cute!

Jill said...

Porter did that walk when he was taking some of his first steps. Mike started calling him Frankenstein.

Those flowers are precious! Gotta love that man for being so sweet. He just scored a few cool points for that one.

And Jeb holding that Por Favor sign made me laugh out loud! That was just too cute!

Superchikk said...

I love Jeb's contribution to the signage!

And Matt...super cool to have those flowers planned for you!

Husband has yet to be gone for very long since C came along...I am not looking forward to when that time comes.

Sarah Fries said...

Wow! I can't believe Matt did that! I would of never guessed in a million years that he had that in him. He must come from a good family (wink wink)!!!

Carolynn said...

Oh, I love the sweet pictures-and I can definately relate on the daddy being gone front--Shon now travels every week from Mon-Thurs to Minnesota:-) Single parenting is not fun--no down time! Glad to know he will be back soon:)

Nel said...

God is good! I am so glad things worked. I love the pics with the sign...that is sooo good! Almost brought tears to my eyes. That was so sweet of him to send the flowers...Definitely a keeper! I am so happy for you!