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Monday, February 2, 2009

200 Cookies

I am so proud of my girls.. and their daddy. Yesterday, Matt sat them down and talked to them about what it means to make a difference for someone who might be sad or discouraged. So, the girls sat down and wrote/colored over 30 little notes for our neighbors. We baked over 200 chocolate chip cookies and put them in bags with the notes, and the girls and Matt delivered them to every house on our street. It was such a small gesture, but hopefully it brought some smiles to faces who needed it... and maybe the girls were able to see the value in helping others. They have a great teacher. Matt, along with several awesome guys from our connection group, spent all afternoon yesterday cleaning up three yards and doing some serious work for people who weren't able to do it themselves. Again, a small gesture, but one that hopefully made a difference. I am just so thankful for a husband who leads our family with a huge heart that beats for others and always challenges us to do more.

Here are some pictures of them delivering cookies yesterday. Estella pushed her little shopping cart up and down the street. So cute.


Superchikk said...

That's so sweet! Hey, I think I want to move to your street. Ha!

Jill said...

Girl, that is just too precious! I love what you did and how you guys made a point to explain to the girls what it was all about. Love it.

Nel said...

I would be very proud too. I love it that Matt explained it to them, so many times adults just do things and don't talk to their kids or other kids about it. He is showing His light even to his kids.