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Friday, January 23, 2009

Big Belle News

***UPDATE. Belle changed her mind on the cut. We only took about 3 inches off, and you can't even really tell. I can't say that I'm disappointed. Is that awful?

I'm not really sure how I'm feeling at the moment. A change is about to take place around here, and I'm just not sure I'm ready for it. Yesterday, I told Belle it was time for a haircut. She is VERY sensitive about her long "princess" hair. But I told her, we had to cut it for it to stay healthy... just a trim. Not long ago I told her about 'Locks of Love' and when kids cut their long hair and donate it to other kids who don't have hair at all. She was completely uninterested. Last night, though, she calls me into where she was and tells me that she would like to cut her hair and give it to a kid who "can't have hair." I was speechless and told her to pray about it and we would see how she felt in the morning. That was last night, and we didn't talk about it today before she left for school. Our appointment is at 4 this afternoon. I'll be honest. I'm terrified. Part of me thinks it'd be awesome for her to make that decision and follow through, and part of me wants to cry my eyes out. I know her hair is just too long, but it's just Belle! Sigh. Anyway... stay tuned, and I'll let you know how it turns out... what she decides. My camera is charged and ready. (By the way, to donate to Locks of Love, the hair must be 10 inches.)

I thought I'd share some pictures of her. She had a ton of hair from day one. And I'm not one of those moms who freak out over the little things, but on this... I'm so torn.


Josh and Kate said...

What a big girl you have, to think of others before herself! Can't wait to see what she decides to do this afternoon. You know I am a sucker for little girls with short hair! But I'm sure it will be precious no matter what her final decision is.

The Jordon Family said...

Wow !! I'm teary eyed for you..
How 'bout maybe just a tiny trim ??
I can't wait to see the end result.. Is that what you did with Drew's hair also?
I have a friend and she and her daughter did it at the same time for Locks of Love... I commend you all for doing it!

Tosha said...

Belle with short hair? Naaaa...that's just not right! Can't wait to see pictures tomorrow! By the way, don't be hacking into my blog. With your imagination, there's no telling what kind of craziness you would make up about our family!

Oh, and another thing, I saw the comment you made on my mom's facebook. I really thought it was funny how you politely said that she was old!!!! lol

Give your family hugs for me. We miss you guys.

Cindy said...

Can't wait to see the beautiful pictures and hear about the priceless memories of the donation.

My niece did the same thing a 7 and 8 years old.