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Sunday, January 25, 2009


If you read the update on the last post, you know Belle decided not to cut her hair short. In her words, "Maybe next time." Courtney did a great job with both girls' hair as always. I thought I'd post some pictures. You can't really tell, but we took about 3 inches off Belle's. And Estella Dru's... I'm just in love with her short cut. Thanks, Courtney!


The Jordon Family said...

They both look adorable !!
Micayla say's off and on that she want's her hair cut short but the last trim she got made me sad and nausiated, not sure why.. it's a weird feeling. Maybe later like Belle said :)

Nel said...

I love Dru's is soo cute, even tho I am partial to long hair on little girls. Belle has such pretty hair, the trim was probably really good for it. It looks soooo healthy. They are adorable little girls!

Superchikk said...

Your girls have beautiful hair, and you are a champ for keeping it that length for so long. I think I would go nuts trying to control it!