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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Emailing Matt

Most of you who know my sweet husband know his strong point is NOT spelling/writing. He tells me he made good grades in school, but I honestly, do not see how that could have been possible. We are talking about the man who once called me and asked me how to spell "sad." No, I am not making that up.

So, imagine my frustration when it comes to communicating with him via written text. I'm just going to be honest. I love him more than life itself, but it's a nightmare.

I thought I would share our latest email conversation so you might feel my pain. A bit of background... I am working on plans for his upcoming birthday and emailed him to ask him not to be reading any of my emails. We sort of share our main email address, and I don't want him finding out the surprise! Here is the actual conversation.

Angela: DO NOT be reading my emails! I'm making bday plans. Don't read any to ANYONE!!

Matt: Like if every read you emails.

Angela: Will you please look back over that sentence and try to find some sort of sense in it?

Matt: Wat u dont like slag

Angela: Do not email me ever again.

I love you, Sweetheart. You do have mad skills... just not when it comes to the written word.