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Friday, September 19, 2008

The REAL Cowboy/girl Day

Not only was I wrong about the DAY of cowgirl dress up, I was wrong about the event itself. It was a trail ride, not a rodeo. And it was precious. Belle named her stick horse, Isabelle Pony. (She oozes with creativity.) Isabelle Pony is pictured below, and is hilarious. The kids had a great day, and they were so stinkin' cute. Matt said when he got Belle in the truck today to leave for school, she said, "Daddy are you SURE today is dress up day?" He said, "Yes, Honey. I promise it's today." To which she replied, "Are you SURE? Did you watch the news and find out?" She's scarred. I know it.


The Jordon Family said...

That's cute!! The girls are adorable, and I am loving her horses name!
Looks like a fun day!

Sherrilleta said...

My gosh, that child has been spit out of Roy Slaughter's mouth.
It's honestly scary in those pics.