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Monday, September 8, 2008

Cell Phone Blunder

I am just not that mom who gives her kids anything they want. #1) Because I couldn't if even I wanted to and #2 and mainly) because I love them more than anything in this world and refuse to equip them with the belief that the universe and everything in it (including me) revolves around them. It doesn't. I don't. As a result of my refusal to raise little narcissists, the words "No, honey," can be heard quite often around our home. But.... I just didn't see this one coming. My 6 month old has a love affair my cell phone. LOVES it. Here's a squeaky toy, Jeb... here's a warm, delicious bottle.... here's a really bright, colorful, yummy chewy something..... No. He prefers the hard, silver, no-flavor-whatsoever cell phone.

So, last night on the way home from church, he spotted the phone in my hand. He cried. I said 'no'. (In a sweet baby voice, of course.) He cried some more. I handed it to him. My first mistake. My second mistake was not taking it away from him once we got home. By the time I got to it, I might as well have thrown it into Lake Fayetteville because it was drenched... and I mean soaked through and through in baby slobber and dead as a doornail. Bye bye, cell phone.

Needless to say, I've learned my lesson. No more cell phones to babies. Here's a few pictures of him relishing his victory and hard-sought prize.


Sharon said...

That is pretty much EXACTLY how my razr died!! Seriously! Same thing with Courtney...she LOVED it! So I didn't think much about it. It started cutting out, not coming on, etc. Then I saw that the "dot" under the battery that was supposed to be white was red, meaning there was "mositure" in there! No, I hadn't dropped it in water or anything but my baby chewed on it! I now have a ghetto phone! Until we can upgrade...nice! You should hear my ringtone..."beach" from Nokia! Very cool! Don't get can't download it! :) That is what Ryan used to say everytime it rang..."can you bluetooth that to me? oh wait. Can I download it...oh wait!" Nice!

Ben and Kristen said...

The same thing happened to mine when Jonathan was a baby, but it dried out after a day or two and worked again. Maybe there is hope?

The Slaughters said...

Thanks for the hope. Too bad I already gave it to him as a toy. Dang it.

Cindy said...

Sometimes things like this remind us to stick with our first response.
Why do our little ones love the things that are not the best for them?
Funny, why do we love and want the things that God knows are not the best for us?
Oh well, another lesson learned.
I keep mine hidden.

Superchikk said...

Yeah, everyone thinks it's great to let Chickster chew on their phone, but I hate it. Because then he wants mine. And I don't let him have it. Which means, well, fits.

Suzanne Millstein said...

I have no relevant baby story to share; however, my mom did lose a cell phone due to sweat. Don't run with your cell phone in your sports bra! Your "Picture of the Day" is awesome; it looks like a pro did it!

The Slaughters said...

Suzy, I would actually have to have something in my sports bra to support a phone, which I do not. In my case, the phone would fall straight through and would be destroyed when it hit the pavement. Either way... not a good idea!!