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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oh, Jeb.

This is the fifth time this week I've had to come to my son's rescue....

I do not see G/T in our future.


The Jordon Family said...

I love the feet, that is too cute!
And Superbaby picture is making me nervous! Did Matt throw him up in the air.. that's a great action shot!

Elizabeth said...

Addison has done the same thing, except she crawls backwards so I find her with her head sticking out. Cute! You guys did good, too!

Boni said...

Aww...even Jeb's little tootsies are so stinkin cute! You have a beautiful family!

Monica's last name in Hinton. She is wonderful!

Both of your girls have beautiful flowing hair...Emma has a case of the stringy head!

Any thoughts on how to get rid of the baby mullet?