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Friday, September 26, 2008

More life with Baby Jeb

If anyone sees my husband, please tell him he needs to come home and lower the crib. This is a first. Jeb was crying before his nap. I opened up the door to his room, and this is what I saw. He's pulling up! Ah, how my life is about to change. I thought for sure I had another few weeks. Dang it!


Chris said...

I thought lowering the crib was the 'moms' job! So I have been wrong all these years?

He is sssssooooo precious!

Superchikk said...

When we lowered ours, we didn't put it on the lowest setting right away. And then had to go back and re-do it because Husband was afraid that C would climb out. Puh-lease.

So, I would advise putting it on the lowest setting now to keep from having to go back and do it again when one of you begins to become paranoid about little Jeb climbing out.

Josh & Kate said...

What a cutie! Bless his little heart. I agree with Superchickk. I learned the hard way with Peyton. We (okay, really I did it myself) moved Parker's crib into Peyton's room tonight. I hate taking those things down and moving them. What a pain!!!