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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


This afternoon, I had big plans for writing. I was going to finish a chapter no matter what. I put Jeb in his walker and left him in the living room with his sisters watching cartoons. I told them, "Watch your brother." I was committed. Dedicated. No matter what, I was going to.... (2 minutes and 14 seconds later, this comes walking in...) My camera sits next to my keyboard. This is what I turned and saw. Writing session over. Very cute, my little perpetual distraction.


Michelle Weir said...

Aren't they wonderful!! He has such cute dimples! And those teeth! I miss mine being that age.

Jill said...

1) What are you writing?

2) Who cares what you WERE writing when that adorable munchkin enters the room! I mean, seriously? How do you not just squeeze him ALL the time?

3) Estella Dru was fabulous tonight at kids choir. I now find myself using about 5 different names for that child as well. :)

Sharon said...

SO cute!!

Erica said...

Your kids are just so precious!!!