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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fun with Baby (Bear Mauling)

It's raining outside, so Jeb and I are stuck indoors. I decided to try to get a few pictures of him with Belle's bear, Monkey, who now resides in Jeb's room. (Matt named the poor animal, so need I say more?) Anyway, our photo session was a flop. The entire time Jeb attacked Monkey like a crazy baby. It was an all-out mauling. Poor, Monkey. He was much safer when he was Belle's. These are the only decent ones I got.

Below are some of the mauling shots. (*No animals were in any way harmed during the taking of these photographs. All parties involved are trained professionals.*)

I love this last one. Rooooaaaar. I... am... baby! Fear me, Beast.


The Ward's said...

Can he get any cuter? NO!! HE is just a beautiful baby! I love the pictures!

The Jordon Family said...

Are you kidding me ?? Those pictures are awesome ! He is very photogenic !! I love that little face :)

Superchikk said...

Love it!

Sharon said...

Maybe he was showing "tough love" instead of mauling the bear named Monkey!!

FosterFrenzy said...

He even does that sideways head thing you do in pics!!!!!
For once, the crazy folks must say you have birthed a babe who looks like YOU ( does Dru!)
He is scary though. Maybe he could scare off my eyeball!