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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yea, Golf Team!

Matt's golf team won their tournament tonight against Gentry, Gravette, Berryville, and Pea Ridge. One of his guys won 1st, and two others tied for 2nd. Yea, Golf Team!

Matt is already preparing Jeb to be the next Shiloh golf standout. He says he's going to be his "Daddy Caddy." Jeb does look pretty darn cute in a Shiloh golf hat.


The Jordon Family said...

Jeb is the cutest golfer out of all those guys for sure !! And I know he will be rockin the football stadium when he get's older too... I just love his little face !!!
Oh yeah, Yea Golf Team !! :)

Josh & Kate said...

Way to go golf team! Jeb looks so cute in that hat. I love it. Looks like he has the golfer look. By the way, Peyton & I had fun with your girls and the "jumping Jeb" at the Shiloh game last night. Jeb cracked me up by jumping so high in my lap. Neither of my boys ever liked our Johnny Jump up but I'm guessing Jeb does.

Courtney Hudson said...

Hey Angela...He is cute! Met your little clan last night at the scrimmage and was wondering if you cared if I put you guys on our list of blogs I read? And did you find a CHI? let me know! Courtney Hudson

Sharon said...

So cute!

April said...

All of that hard work Matt's been putting in on on the greens paid off! Way to go, Coach! And yes, Jeb wins for cutest golf pro in training. Go all current and future Saints!! (since Lowery's soccer dreams have gone up in a puff of smoke, I'm hoping for a volleyball!)