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Monday, August 11, 2008

Jeb and his sneaky sisters

I just heard the girls whispering in their bedroom which wouldn't normally bother me too much. This time, though, I was a bit concerned because I had just laid Jeb in their floor to let him watch Barney with his sisters. The whispering was quickly followed by uncontrollable laughter... which prompted to me run as fast as I could in there and see what they were doing to my poor baby boy. This is what I found. They had "sneaked around" and "wrapped him up like a girl baby" (their words) and thought they were pretty funny. I was relieved that was all they had done. And Jeb... he was oblivious to his girliness and was just happy with the extra attention.


Sharon said...

Gotta love big sisters! :) Courtney is sometimes seen as a "slave" to Lindsey I think. She has started saying, "Go tell Mommy..." and here comes Courtney running to me. I'm SURE I did the same thing as a big sister! Ha!

The Jordon Family said...

Look at that face ! You can just tell he is going to be the sweetest baby brother forever !! He will be like Aca and tollerate more than you can imagine I bet !
He's too good !


Suzanne Millstein said...

So cute! Aaron said it was not fair because he was defenseless against them!

Superchikk said...

Ha! So cute! Just wait though, they'll be dressing him up and putting makeup on him before long. At least I certainly did with my brothers!

They survived, though, and Jeb will too!

FosterFrenzy said...

Think he will be into older women? I have just the lil' devil for him.