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Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Poor Baby Jeb has been overlooked in blog posts recently. He's just the easiest little guy... so happy and easygoing. He is such a little sweetheart. I just went into his room where he was waking from a nap and got these shots. As soon as he sees me after a nap, his little face just lights up. I love my boy baby.

This is the view I had when I got to his crib.

What do you think, Mr. Josh? Future Shiloh qb? (I hear you recruit.... We're waiting.)


FosterFrenzy said...

It's honestly scary how much he looks like Dru....and YOU.
One day everyone will ask Belle if she was the milkman's! Lol.

Kate said...
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Sharon said...

So cut! Love the blanket...:)

Kate said...

From Mr. Josh:
Recruiting is a cuss word around Shiloh. He looks like he has a good chance though.