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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Giraffe Pool Reminder


I saw one of these DECEITFUL things today and just had to re-post this post from last year. DO NOT PURCHASE A GIRAFFE POOL for your children!!! I realize summer is here and with it, the need to buy the kids a pool of some sort--and upon first glance the giraffe pool appears to be a potential load of water fun. DO NOT BE DECEIVED!!!! See post below.


Giraffe Pool

Ummmm... can you say discrepancy? We bought this pool for the girls at Target last weekend. Looks like fun, huh? Pretty big. There's like four kids playing it in. Maybe looks like four more could easily fit.

Notice the large giraffe head towering above the little girl, spewing out a geyser of water. (Her arms are even up in the air!!) Well, either that child is an elf or my children are giants because Belle and Dru literally have to lay down as low as they can get underneath the giraffe to get a trinkle of water on them. There is absolutely no spewing. And there's no way two more kids could even fit in this itty bitty thing.

Clearly, a year later, I am still bitter. I just can't stand the thought of any of you spending the $30-something on this piece of junk. And just an FYI: I sent Target AND the company a letter about it. To date, there has been no response. Curse you, Giraffe Pool!!!!


Boni said...

I actually saw one of those in Target last week and immediately laughed and thought of you!

KirstenBlowersInteriorDesign said...

hahahaa! Poor Belle, she looks so disappointed!

Diana said...

I figured the picture would be deceiving. Seems like a common problem with almost all of the inflatable pool reviews I've found online. Something about taking pictures of their prototypes and then packaging smaller, crappier actual versions. Still, Menards has this for $20 and it'll be great for my 16 month old son.

Leigh said...

I know you don't know me, but fuuny thing...

My kids just received this as a gift for their birthdays... I was googling it to find out where I could return it and low and behold your blog came up. Thanks for your harsh words now I will not feel bad about returning it.

Anonymous said...

I got this same pool last year and thought the same thing - that it was going to be bigger! Now I am selling mine! I just ran into your blog by trying to google an image to use for the sale. I know one thing I'll do next time I buy a kiddie pool.... read the dimensions on the box and not go by the picture!! Mistake made and learned! humph! ha. :/