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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Difficult Mother's Day

UPDATE Monday 12:45 pm. I have been at Grandpa's about an hour. He hasn't said much. He's been asleep the whole time. Matt said he's slept all day. He is still confused and tried to put pants on over his head earlier today. He is barely walking with the help of a walker. We are taking him to the doctor at 2 pm. At this point we know something is wrong but don't know what. My mom and step dad are on their way from Alabama. Hopefully I will know more after seeing the doctor.


I was dreading today. Mother's Day is tough without Grandma. Very tough. But today started out so nice. My precious kids and their daddy woke up me early--Belle holding a Starbucks, Estella holding roses, Jeb holding a gift card, and Daddy holding Jeb. It was priceless. After church they got me take out at Madame Wu's (a restaurant whose former home was Russellville but moved here). SO YUMMY. I came home and got ready to work out and was just about to leave for the gym when my phone rang. And as soon as I saw the number, my heart sank. It was a friend from home saying Grandpa had not made it to church. When they went to check on him, he had fallen, was disoriented, but wouldn't let anyone take him to the hospital. My friend was worried, and so she called me. I immediately called him, but his phone was off the hook. I began packing bags. Matt got home and convinced me just to let him go. After a lengthy discussion, I relented and stayed here with the kids while he went alone.

When Matt got to Grandpa's, my little brother was already there. They knew immediately something was not right. They loaded him up and took him to the ER. After a full exam, they sent him home, but he is still very altered. I spoke with him tonight on the phone, and he couldn't follow through with his thoughts. He was very hard to understand and didn't make a lot of sense. I am praying that the morning brings clarity, but I am worried. He is 87. 88 in September.

I can't even begin to put into words how hard it was for me to hear him that way. So I won't try. But it was hard. Uncontrollable crying hard. Today was hard, dang it. I miss Grandma so much it literally physically hurts, and to feel like Grandpa slipped away a little tonight.... Hard day. My prayer, again, is that the morning will be better. Please be better.

I would truly appreciate your prayers for him. This is a picture of me and him at homecoming... I think 1990. If you can't tell by the sash, just look at the hair. Oh, and you can't see, but yes, I was wearing white hose and white heels with my lacy, all white, three-tiered, homecoming dress. Don't be jealous. Other than the day Matt and I got married (and Grandpa wore a tux), this was the only other time he could remember wearing a jacket and tie. Wasn't he so handsome? You should have seen him in that tux.


Liz said...

Ang...I will be praying for your grandpa, and for you. That stage of life is so difficult. May the Lord be with you in a very near and special way.

Joann said...

We all love Earl. He is a special man and it was odd not seeing him sitting on that back row at church on Sunday. We are all praying for him.

Cindy said...

I will be praying.
Believing that today is a better day.
Thankful that you had a super morning.
Trusting that God will wrap His loving arms around you.

Anonymous said...

Angela please keep me informed on everything. I was at church yesterday because I was with my mother. I hope he is ok. If you need anything, please call or email me. We will be praying for him.
Tammy Rye

Robyn said...

Praying for you and your grandpa. So sorry to hear this.

Elizabeth said...

Oh Ang, I know that's so scary. I will pray for your Grandpa and you to get through this and that he will be completely well very, very soon.


Leanne said...

Angela, we are right down the road if you or your grandpa needs anything! I will continue to pray for him & hope he is doing better today.

Roger said...


Be sure that Earl, you and the family are in our prayers. I talked to Matt on the phone this morning, but want to be sure that if there is anything we can do to help, just let us know. We will be over this evening to see Earl and Linda is bringing some food. Matt had also said that Annita will be coming in. You know we love Earl and you and your family. Roger and Linda Boyer

Superchikk said...

You're in our prayers. Keep us updated. And let me know if I can do anything to help you with your kids.

Anonymous said...

Angela, you are so beautiful and Matt is so good looking and your children are beautiful.
It just makes me happy to see such a beautiful Christain family.