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Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend Update

This weekend, Estella Dru was able to go to Little Rock with Matt's parents (aka Gigi and G-Pops). Pat and Sarah had a wedding there on Saturday, and Gigi and G-Pops went to help with Lynlee and Baby Owen. E Dru had a ball going shopping and to the zoo.

Gigi let Drusy pick out her own outfit at a store. Ummm... thanks, Gigi. I'm really going to have to work on my youngest daughter's fashion sense.

Meanwhile, Matt, Belle, Jeb, and I went to visit Grandpa. He is doing better but still not getting around so great. He is using a walker which is quite frustrating for him. I am just glad he is back to normal as far as his mental functioning. He gave us a scare.

While there, I had to decorate the graves. I'm finding that lots of people have no idea what "Decoration Day" is, and when I tell them, they look at me funny. Just in case you don't know, where I'm from, each cemetery has a designated day for 'Decoration'. On that day, people visit the cemetery where their loved ones are buried and bring flowers and do general upkeep on the graves. When I was little, I remember the cemeteries being full of people decked out in their Sunday best, just standing around the tombstones visiting. I don't know how it's done today since I always just leave flowers the day before, but we had to faithfully promise Grandma that when she was gone, we would make certain the graves were decorated on Decoration Day.

So, on Saturday, I trudged out into the cemetery where Grandma's mother and father are buried, along with three of her little brothers who died at birth, to leave flowers. Afterwards, we drove to the middle of nowhere to leave flowers on the grave of Grandma's nephew who died when he was two... I believe it was 1940-something. I took Belle with me, and even though Decoration Day for Grandma's cemetery is still another week away, she insisted that we leave flowers on Grandma's grave, too. I told her she could be in charge of finding some, and this is what she came up with. Watch.

Precious, precious, precious.


The Ward's said...

That just brought tears to my eyes! So sweet and what a memory to cherish!!

Guillen said...

I'm in tears as I read your blog and watch the precious video. I miss my grandparents everyday, especially during Decoration season. My in-laws are Yankees and they looked at me as if I was crazy when I told them we had Decoration. They had never heard of it!

Anonymous said...

This brought tears to my eyes also. I can remember when our decoration at St. Paul was like a big homecoming. We had church that morning, then "dinner on the ground" and that afternoon singing and a business meeting.