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Monday, May 4, 2009

The Slaughter Sisters Win!

I have two very excited little girls this morning. The day before Belle's birthday, I thought it would be neat for Belle to hear her name on the radio. So, I went to KLRC's website (what she and Matt always listen to on the way to school) and added her name to the list of birthdays. While I was there, I saw the "More Beautiful You" contest where listeners were asked to send in a picture of their daughters or a special girl in the their life. They wanted you to tell in one sentence why she was so beautiful, and the winner would receive a $101 gift certificate to Kate Austin Jewelry. On a whim, I entered them, and this morning Matt got a phone call from Mark and Keri at the morning show saying Belle and E Dru had won. Drusy was still in bed, but both Belle and Matt got to talk on the radio. Belle is convinced she's a superstar. I am so proud of my girls.

Click here to see the winner page. Way to go, Slaughter Sisters!


Robyn said...

I just heard this on the radio coming home from dropping the kids off at KDO. Congrats! I love Kate Austin!

Erica said...

That is SO cool! The one morning I wasn't listening to KLRC too...shoot! Congrats to your beautiful girls!

Annie said...

I was going to enter Courtney and couldn't think of 'one sentence'....your girls are precious though and I have heard that store is pretty much RAD. Way to go Belle and E Dru!!!

Cindy said...

Way to Go Slaughter Sisters.

Enjoy the Shopping Spree!


Blessings, Cindy

Veronica said...

Hi there! Just stopping by to say thanks for entering into my hat giveaway! Thanks so much for posting about it too!

That is so exciting that your girls won this contest! They are precious!

Josh and Kate said...

Mom told me she heard them on the radio yesterday. Congrats! They will have so much fun picking things out in there. I love that store!

tim, ally and silas said...

yeah belle and dru! what a treat!

ang, its so fun to find you all and catch up on life through your blog!!!