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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Near Bike Day Blunder

Conversation between Matt and Angela. 7:15 am, Thursday morning

Angela: Are you sure Estella's bike day isn't this week?

Matt: I'm sure. It's next week.

Angela: Ok. You're the one who sends out the newsletters. You should know.

Conversation over.

30 minutes later. Conversation between me and Estella Dru

Estella Dru: Mommy, my bike day is today.

Angela: No it isn't, Honey. It's next week.

Estella: No, Mommy. I know it's today.

Angela: No, Honey. Next week. Now out the door. (Pushing her into the garage.)

Phone rings. I answer. It is an organized, informed, with-it parent who confirms that today, in fact, is bike day.

Angela: Are you sure? I thought I read somewhere it's on the 14th.

Informed Parent: Today is the 14th.


Estella: See, I told you, Mommy. And you almost made me miss it.

Without that phone call, I would have had to slip into my World's Worst Mom t-shirt for who knows how long. E Dru would have arrived at school without her 'proper' clothing and most importantly, without her bike. So close to utter failure!!! I'm not sure I would have been able to recover from such a catastrophic blunder. Thank God for that phone call. And parents who pay attention.

Moral of the story? 1.) READ pertinent information sent home concerning your children and important dates. 2.) Do not trust your husband even if he is in charge of sending said information and has access to information at his fingertips. 3.) Don't discredit your 4 year old even if she uses the words 'today' and 'tomorrow' meaning any point in the past or future. 4.) Try to have some concept of the passage of time.


sara said...

That is such an adorable picture!

I LOVE #4.

The Jordon Family said...

She is so sweet! She sat on the sidewalk next to me and micayla while they ate their popsicles and she showed me her booboo/bandaid on her knee.
She's just precious!

Boni said...

Aww...don't feel bad. I am totally beating you for "WME" this year...

Maybe next year you can wear the crown...but I doubt it!

Superchikk said...

You've had a tough week - it's a good reason to not know what day it is!

Liz said...

great story. :-) Dru is one of the lucky girls that DOES look cute in a helmet.

Chris said...

LOL, children do not forget their 'important' events......we as parents are 'rushed' and forget what day it is! LOL Glad you didn't miss the BIG day! :)

Cindy said...

She's adorable:)

I can't remember how many special events I forgot while my children were growing up.

Still praying for your grandpa.

The Lombard Clan said...

I love the pic! We have some close calls like that before with Kristina, so I know what it feels like lol