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Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's the shoes, Man.

Belle made her first basket ever in a basketball game today. So stinkin' exciting for her mama. In fact, she got the ball through the hoop not once... not twice... but THREE times in game one. That's six points.

I would like to attribute her talent to my excellent basketball pointers and maybe a little genetics, too.

But Belle's explanation for her mad skills on the court today is much simpler.

Apparently, her new basketball shoes from Gigi and G-Pops made her faster and all-around better. Nothing to do with Mommy.

It's the shoes.


Franky said...

yay!! congrats! its always the shoes!

Twyla said...

This post reminded me of back in the 50's when I played basketball at Dover and everybody wore high top white converse shoes. We bought them at the New Store in Russellville, corner of Main and Commerce Streets.

Aimee Bryan said...

This makes me laugh. My older sister gets soooo mad about this when we talk about it, but my dad made her pick out a pair of shoes for vball and bball when she was in jr. high and she couldn't decide and she just wanted to "think" about it. Well, he MADE her choose right then and there and he ALWAYS talks about how "making" her decide gave her the successful skills that she has today. BOY oh BOY does it tick her off. She always says, "Those shoes" hmf. Yours is a better shoe story, cute, cute, cute.

Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

everybody knows the shoes do make the man (err woman!) she's so cute. shake a pom-pom for me at her next game! xoxo