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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas Candy Dispenser

Don't pack away that Candy Corn "Gumball" Machine. Christmas-ize it. (My blog. I can make up words if I want.)

I took off the fall colored ribbon and added some Christmas colors, then filled it with yummy Christmas candy.

I am a sucker for the big, soft peppermints. It's the only peppermint I like actually. Well... that was until today and I bought and sampled the Hershey's Peppermint Kisses. Y'all, it's just obnoxious how good they are. They have just the right hint of sweet peppermint, and as a bonus, little bits of peppermint candy. I wouldn't steer you wrong... they're crazy good. Better than the candy corn kisses, and you know if I'm sayin' that, they're good.

The other kiss flavor I used is called Mint Truffle. Also very very good. Definitely worth a try. Here's my new Christmas-ized dispenser.

Speaking of Christmas candy, I also feel like I have to buy those chewy Christmas tree candies every year. Oh, I don't actually like to eat them. Let's not get crazy. But it's not Christmas without them.

What's your favorite store-bought Christmas candy?


Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

i love the soft chewy peppermints too. also those chocolate oranges that you have to whack to unwrap. and peppermint bark. lots of peppermint bark.

Tyla said...

I like "orange slices". They're not really a Christmas candy, as you can get them anytime throughout the year, but they remind me of Christmas because that's when we had them around the house during my childhood.

P.S. Anyone want or need any candy corn, Indian corn, or candy pumpkins? I have enough of it left to fill a grain silo. lol

Carolynn said...

These aren't really Christmas candy, but I always like Andes mints around Christmas time ( or anytime we go to Olive Garden--our family fights over them:-)

Karen said...

Would you believe I don't like peppermint in any way, shape or form? No hard ones, no soft ones, no chewy ones...Nothing mint flavored at all actually. So that kind of eliminates most Christmas candy I guess. But I do love gingerbread. Those Little Debbie Gingerbread Men are really good. Oh and the Christmas Tree shaped cakes too. Yummy. : )

Angela said...

Tyla, I laughed out loud at your orange slices. I ALMOST said in my post that the only candy I DESPISE are those darn orange slices. How funny that you love them! Ok... maybe I hate the orange, marshmallowy peanuts more than orange slices, but it's close!! : ) And how in the world can you have left over candy corn? I had to replenish our supply at least 3 times!!