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Friday, September 17, 2010

Let's rodeo!!

Today is Estella Dru's kindergarten stick horse rodeo. (Yes, I'm sure.) She looked so cute this morning going out the door.

My girls are only fifteen months apart, but are separated my two grades in school. Since E Dru has an August birthday, we opted to let her do two years of K-4 instead of going into kindergarten as the youngest in her class. That decision was brutal to make. Did you hear me? BRUTAL! I cried and prayed and cried and prayed. In my heart, I knew she wasn't ready for kindergarten, but the thought of separating her from friends that were moving on just broke me. The thought that she would be one of the oldest in her class to graduate was hard. The thought that she would see her old classmates eating at the big kid tables in the cafeteria and moving over to the big kid playground crushed me. The thought that she and Belle would be separated by another year was excruciating. But in the end, our hearts (the Lord) led us to put all that aside and hold out for kindergarten just one more year.

It hurt. I second guessed myself a thousand times. I probably drove Matt crazy asking, "Are you SURE we're doing the right thing?" Even if I had wanted to change my mind, he wasn't budging. And I'm glad he made us hold solid to our choice.

Drusy started kindergarten this year with confidence and is tackling it like a champ. The little girl I used to see as a follower, unsure of herself with her school work and her 'place' in the class, now takes charge and is rocking kindergarten.

It still makes me feel a little sad when I see her wanting to do the 'big' things her old classmates do now, but she doesn't complain. I think it pains me more than it does her... I'm her mama like that.

I know lots of families are faced with this decision for children who have later birthdays. And let me warn you, when that time comes, EVERYONE you know will have an opinion. And I mean EVERYONE. It will be sort of like, when you're pregnant, every woman you meet wants to give you a run down of their birth story. Politely listen and FILTER! For us, the key to making the right decision for our child was first, drowning out all the noise, talking with teachers and other educators, and prayer. Lots and lots of prayer. I think the key thing to realize is that there is not one blanket decision for everyone.

So maybe you can understand why finally making it to kindergarten stick rodeo day is a big deal for us. She's been waiting for this for a long time, and I am so happy for that sweet girl. You go get em', Cowgirl!


Cindy said...

Our son did a 'repeat' kindergarten due to age and I hear your heart about how difficult it is/was to make that decision. But in the long run it was the 'best' decision we could make for him at the time. I'm sure you feel that way now for EDru! She is adorable and I hope she had a rockin rodeo good time:)

Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

i wish i could be in a stick rodeo! your cowgirl is a cutiepie!

Tyla said...

My daughter is one of the youngest in her class (late September birthday). We tossed around the idea of holding her out another year but went ahead and sent her. Academically, it has hurt her. I let my fear of her not being with her friends, etc. overcome what I knew in my heart as a teacher to be the better choice. Socially, she has done fine. She's popular with lots of friends, but ohhh is math a struggle.

So, take comfort. I think you made a great decision that will one day pay off, you'll see. She will be more mature and able to handle responsibility so much more.

P.S. I would love for my son's school to have a stick horse rodeo. That seems so fun!!! Sadly, I am in Tennessee and we've decided our kids need to race to the top and that leaves precious little time for "fun" kindergarten events.

Angela said...

Tyla we are so blessed that my kids can go to an incredible school here. My oldest daughter is a social butterfly, but E Dru is just now getting there. And I SO hope my kids inherit their daddy's math skills. Mine are non-existent!

The Frat Pack + Me said...

those photos are darling! I especially lpve the 1st one. Seems like you made the right decision!

Nel said...

How fun! She is getting so big, and is so pretty. They all are, oops sorry Jeb is handsome! I think you made the right decision. Thanks for sharing her rodeo!
until next time... nel

Have you got that mat finished yet? j/k :)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

She's a beautiful little cow-girl! : )

My oldest two children are 17 months and one grade apart. My sister is 15 months younger than me and we're a grade apart too. I didn't have to face the decision you did because of the way that my kids' birthdays fell, but I've heard my mom say SO many times that she wished she'd held my sister back for one more year (like you did with your daughter). There's a lot of benefit being older rather than younger.

But you're right. No matter what you decide you'll get LOTS of commentary. I'm glad you're seeing her confidence shine through this year!

Josh and Kate said...

She's such a cute cowgirl. Love both the pictures of her. Proud of you for doing what you felt was right for her and your family. I'm sure it was hard but it sounds like she'll thank you for it later.