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Monday, September 20, 2010

Boy Barbie, Football Shots, Nap Mat

When the girls told me they needed a "boy Barbie" to be the "prince", I had no problem with it.

I am currently rethinking that decision

On another note...

At Friday night's football game, Coach Kelley Waters who takes pictures on the field, shot a few of Jeb when he was visiting daddy on the sideline.

He just has 'Stinker' written all over him.

And on still another note...

I finally finished Jeb's nap mat. It's not my best work. Or even close. But it's better than the plastic one. Poor guy. His sisters certainly never took an uncovered nap mat to school. Maybe he won't remember.... or read this blog.


Superchikk said...

That Barbie photo reminds me of the issues my Dad always had with naked Barbies (and dolls in general). He hated it & would always make us go put clothes on them. Ha!

Um, those are great photos of Jeb. I hope you get one of them framed, even if it's small.

I saw Jeb's nap mat the other day and thought, "Angela's a horrible Mom"...I'm totally kidding. Actually, I thought, "Caedmon's would look like that if it weren't for my Mom!" I knew you'd come thru for your little man, and he probably wouldn't mind one little bit. I don't think they actually SLEEP on those things, anyway!

Carolynn said...

Angela, according to my mom, Ken was always in trouble when I played with him--which apparently meant in the corner naked--because nothing is worse than naked time out:) Great job on the nap mat--I love the color combo:-) And by child #4, they are lucky if you remember to take pictures of them:)

Nel said...

It is funny, I only had one barbie and one midge doll, I was not allowed to have a ken doll even though I begged for one. Maybe my mom was smarter than I give her credit for. lol. Jan had oodles of both of them. Love the shots of Jeb, and yes stinker is written! And you did a great job on the mat! The funny thing is it probably bothered you a lot more than it did Jeb. But I am sure he loves it!
until next time... nel

Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

i used to make barbie go on a date with snake eyes (a vintage 11" g.i. joe figure) and ken would have to watch. you probably don't want to be my friend anymore now! haha. also, i'd like to order a napmat for myself. i don't care what it looks like as long as i can take a break from work and lay on the floor!

The Frat Pack + Me said...

Your first point cracked me up! Those photos of Jeb are so adorable!