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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chillin' at Cowboys Stadium

After we left Grandpa's on Sunday, we headed to Dallas to watch our Shiloh Saints play in the Kirk Herbstreit Classic. I had never been to Cowboys Stadium, so I was in awe from the get-go. It's a pretty insane facility--impressive to say the very least.

My kids were in awe, too... for about the first thirty minutes. Then it was all old news.
Jeb fell asleep standing up and hung out in my arms for the next 45 minutes or so. I mean, his surroundings were so booooring... what else is a boy to do?

And here's Estella Dru, playing her iPod from her suite. You know... nothin' else to do but play your iPod in Cowboys Stadium.

Sadly, Shiloh lost. But seriously? Who gets invited to play in Cowboys Stadium in high school? We are SO proud of those boys and their coaches. Oh... And wanna see who we played? I'm just going to warn you.... this isn't normal. Not even a little. They performed this little number on the field before the game. I'll just tell ya'... it was just as freaky in person.


Erica said...

Looks like fun! We watched the game on tv. Jason's bro has spent some time in New Zealand over the past couple years and sent us some stuff on the tradition of the Haka. We loved learning about it and it's history. It's so cool! But I bet it was slightly intimidating to the boys- especially if they weren't expecting it!

Jill said...

Ok, that haka thing seriously scared me a little. I'm not gonna lie.