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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No Dad is better than her Dad.

This picture is hanging in the second grade hallway. Belle wrote it about her daddy.

In case you can't read it, it says, "My Dad is a great person. His name is Matt. My Dad has brown hair and blue eyes. He is a fun Dad. He plays golf. It sounds like a lot of fun. My Dad helps people build homes. I couldn't have a better Dad. He likes to take bike rides. He works hard. He built us a swingset. It is so cool. They have monkey bars and a slide. No Dad is better then my Dad."

I think any mom would beam with pride about something like that. And I did. But it runs deeper for me.

Growing up without a father is hard. I know many can attest to that, just like I can. I can remember as a little girl, seeing my friends with their dads and having to wipe away tears when no one was looking. I wanted to be a daddy's girl. I would have been a great daddy's girl. I don't think people realize how losing a parent through abandonment or divorce or any circumstance affects a child--their sense of self-worth, their view on relationships... everything is touched by that loss. Everything.

I can remember when Matt and I first got married... all of sudden I was hit by this incredible sense of protection. For the first time, I felt safe. Truly and completely safe. I knew that he was there to hold my hand and protect me... or die trying. I don't know how to describe that to someone who has always felt it, but it was overwhelming. And amazing. To close your eyes and know you are protected... for me, it was miraculous.

But my little girls don't have to wait for that feeling. They have it every night when he prays with them before bed. They have it every morning when he comes in and kisses them and asks them how they slept. They have it every day when he gets home from work and they run into his arms like they haven't seen him in days. And they have it every time they see him hug their mommy and tell her he loves her. Only death could steal him from them. And they know that.

So when I see Belle's picture and read her words, it means much more to me than a nice little picture. Much more.


Aimee Bryan said...

This brought tears to my eyes. My dad left me when I was 2 and my stepdad couldn't have come at a better time and I wouldn't trade him for anything. (he IS my dad) God had a plan. AND Ammorae was fatherless for 5 years and I prayed and prayed and yearned and yearned for a father for her and my dad was her dad too. Daddy's are so very special and Matt is one of those #1 dad's, Belle is right.

Chrissy said...

A. MA. ZING! (sniff, sniff)! Girl, everytime I read your blog (daily), you tug on my heart-strings! :) You all are blessed to have Matt...... but i think THEY ARE PRETTY BLESSED to have YOU!

Nel said...

As usual I am wiping tears! It was hard enough on Jan at her age when her dad left, but I do Thank God he waited until she was grown. I can only imagine what it would be like, but like you said no one knows unless they experience it. But everything does happen for a reason. And it made you the loving, smart momma that you are today!
until next time... nel

Tyla said...

Another sweet, sweet post. Thank you. I truly mean that.

Boni said...

Wow...I am tearing up in my office. You are such a great Mommy and Matt must be an AWESOME Daddy.

Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

i definitely can relate here....even though i have a wonderful step-dad, that dad stuff is hard. y'all are doing a wonderful job raising those precious chilluns. love you!

Leanne said...

So sweet! You & Matt are both amazing! :)

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I'm so thankful that your daughter's have a dad like that. Mine do as well and it is one of the most beautiful things to see the mutual affection and fierce devotion. Makes me get all teary-eyed just thinking about the blessing that kind of relationship offers.

I got really sad while in Arkansas and at the Razorback game two weeks ago. It was my first game EVER to go to without my dad. It was something special we shared together my whole life. I'm sure he was calling the Hogs from heaven. :)