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Friday, July 17, 2009

Art Camp 2009

This week the girls attended Art Camp in Fayetteville. And they had SUCH a great time. The sweet lady who directed the camp is a former colleague of Matt's mom, and the girls thought the world of her. They painted, worked with clay, made tie-dye shirts, and a ton more creative projects their mommy could have never come up with. I am so glad they were able to attend. Thanks, Gigi!

Belle and her friend, Avery.

Belle next to her "portfolio".

Estella Dru and her treasure box.

Belle with her treasure box.

E Dru on the swing.

E Dru and her friend. (She "thinks her name was Erin." Love it.)

Mommy and her art camp girls.


Chris said...

Ahhh, they looked like they had a great time at Art Camp 2009! They are growing up so fast!