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Friday, July 10, 2009

Food Network Friday: Bananas Foster French Toast

Seems we are doing a lot of cooking around here. I guess we are. My girls are really enjoying it, though, and as long as they are happy and not "bored" (as I hear all too often), we will probably be doing a lot more. But since it IS Friday, we have to post our Food Network Pick of the Week. And in honor of our Gigi's birthday, this week's pick was Bananas Foster French Toast. Once again, the girls chose a Paula Deen recipe. (Or, "Ms. Paula Deen," as they call her.) Gigi loves french toast, and since today is her birthday, we invited her and G-Pops over for breakfast. The girls woke up at 7am (as opposed to 9:30) to get cooking. And after digging out crazy amounts of egg shells, rescuing the cinnamon shaker from the batter, and breaking up several fights over whose turn it was to stir, I think the finished product came out perfectly. Here's a peek.

Again, Paula's recipe is crazy calorie packed, but oh so yummy. I caught myself re-reading the recipe over and over again to make certain I wasn't misunderstanding. Yes, you ADD sugar to maple syrup. And that's only AFTER you dip your croissant half into the heavy cream. Yes, I am serious. If you'd like to see the recipe, click here.

I must now leave you to go to the gym in a futile attempt to rid myself of all the calories I have consumed. It's not going to be pretty. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIGI! Hope you enjoyed!


sara said...

Oh my word, I must make that!!!

Erica said...

I've seen that episode where she makes that recipe twice this week. I'd love to try it sometime. Looks like it was delicious!

Chris said...

What is wrong with adding sugar to syrup? On our farm we add 'what ever that sounds good' LOL.... Looks really good!

Gigi said...

It was delicious!!! I highly recommend it. It was such a wonderful, special way to start the day. Thanks so much Angela, Belle, Dru, Matt and Jeb!

Sherrilleta said...

Don't lie. You made it in honor of me!