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Wednesday, July 1, 2009


If you haven't read yesterday's post, it is a MUST before viewing the picture below which was taken JUST MINUTES AGO as I was feeling this day could not POSSIBLY involve any unforeseen incidents involving poop.


And I'd like to point out that I BLURRED the big poop at the end of the tub because no one but a mother should have to see that.... much less scoop it out with a cup, flush it, pick up every other object floating in the tub (including washcloth), throw them away, then bleach the heck out of everything is sight.

Ya'll, it's just not funny.


The Young Family said...

I must say I LOVE READING YOUR BLOG!!! I know this was not funny to you at the time, but I have just been hysterical over it all! I don't know how you do it being a mother of three! Your kids are precious, precious, precious!!!

Guillen said...

Oh dear Angela. Of course it's funny! So who is, you or Matt, who is paying for your raising?

Chris said...

LOL, girlfriend, there is just something about warm water in a tub! I have to laugh, I am sorry! You will not be able to hear me snicker.......(teehee)

Sheena said...

I'm so sorry! Hope your day is less hectic! :)

Jill said...

Oh. Wow. Girl, I don't even know what to say. You're making me feel better about every "bad" day I've ever had, that's for sure!!

Superchikk said...

We've never had poop in the tub, but almost as bad is poop in the swim trunks. Yuck!