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Friday, July 3, 2009

Food Network Friday: Filled Strawberries

We chose yet another Paula Deen treat this week. We can't get enough of Ms. Paula. These strawberries would make a great dessert to take to a 4th of July party. Ours are a little messy--I had LOTS of help--but you can make them as beautiful as you'd like. They are SO yummy and a nice twist to a fruit tray. We sprinkled brown sugar on top for an added flair, and it made them just perfect. Click here for Paula Deen's recipe.

Recognize the plate, Gran???


Nel said...

How fun! I know your girls are loving this and will remember it forever! Hope your family has a wonderful 4th also!

Josh, Lori and Reid said...

Looks like the Slaughter Fam had a great time at the beach. You are becoming quite the chef..I remember when our cooking consisted of those veggie corndogs and chicken. My how the times change.

And I have no idea where the time has gone..can you believe they will be in 1st grade? Weren't we just holding them as newborns the other day??

John R.G. said...

Yes, I do recognize the plate. It looks so pretty with the strawberries. Good job!