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Friday, June 13, 2008

Results, Novel, and Destin!

Stink. Matt won the weight loss challenge. I have to be honest. I did not meet my goal. Matt, however, went 5 pounds over his goal, losing around 20 pounds. I hate boys. They can sneeze and lose 10 pounds. So, anyway... there you have it. Matt won. I'm a loser.

For anyone interested, I only had half the laundry folded last night when Matt got home. Take that! The house was clean, though, and all the children were breathing. I get props for that. That's huge.

And since I'm not going to be here on Sunday for my novel post, I wanted to do that now. Actually I don't, but I don't want to have an excuse my first time around. I'm working on Chapter 10 but haven't had time to get much finished. I'll leave an excerpt from what I have. It's not groundbreaking.

Now and then Esther averted her eyes to the floor or out the window, but Malcolm never looked away from her. Esther squirmed under his stare and nervously crossed her arms. She settled back deeper into the soft cushions of the couch and wished they would swallow her away. Ms. Beulah emerged from the kitchen with a cup of hot coffee and sat it on the coffee table in front of Malcolm then stepped back and assessed the situation. She looked from Malcolm to Esther then back to Malcolm again. Neither of them acknowledged her, and she silently retreated back into the kitchen.

So, that's it.... We're leaving for Florida within the hour. I doubt if I do any posting from Destin. I'm hoping to get to work on the book. Say a prayer that Jeb will not protest his car seat too seriously. Destin, here we come!!


sara said...

Have so much fun! I can't wait until you get this novel done! I know it's going to be a great read!!

Sharon said...

I can totally relate to the weight loss thing and boys! So frustrating!! We've both been working too. Neither of us has lost much, but I have been working harder than him and it is not any better of results for me! We leave in a month exactly for Destin...too bad we won't be there at the same time! :(

Olivia Grace said...

WE have missed you guys. Hope you had a wonderful trip!