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Monday, June 23, 2008

House 9-1-1

So you would think someone with three kids and writing a book would not have time for two blog posts in one day. This, however, is a 9-1-1 situation. We are in need of some prayers from our friends. To make this short and sweet, while in FL we received an offer on the house... an extremely low offer. We almost ignored it but decided to counter. We countered high and figured they'd walk, but they countered again tonight. (What's that? A re-re-counter?) Anyway... it's not a bad offer. Not what we had hoped, but not bad. And by all accounts, interest rates are rising with no hope of going back down any time soon, so if we're looking to get into another house, we may need to do it now.

If you read this, could you please shoot up a quick prayer for wisdom for Matt and I tonight? We want to do what is right and of course, to be in God's will. We don't want to run ahead of Him. Prayer is so powerful. Please whisper one for us.


The Black's said...

Hey there! Your beach pics are awesome! I'm back to blogging; the timer next to the links to our blogs put pressure on me. Yesterday ours said 3 it says 58 minutes. :) I will say a prayer for your house situation.

Susan Pruitt said...

Yeah, and offer! I will be praying for you. Yes, you can add me, that would be great. I will be adding you also.

sara said...

I'm praying for you guys!! Hey, when are we going to go out?!! :)