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Friday, June 27, 2008


You are looking at pictures of what MAY be (God willing) our future new home. It's not not a castle, but it might as well be to me. I'm so very excited, but at the same time, a little sad about leaving this house. It's small, yes, but it's ours. We've done so much work here... not to mention Stella and Jeb came home from the hospital here. Then there's the swing set out back that Matt poured his blood, sweat, and tears into. Belle broke her little arm in the living room. Our sweet neighbors, who might as well be family, are ten steps away. I've been through post partum twice in these walls and lived to tell the tale. And the big one... Grandma has been here. I came home to this house after I lost her, and in this house I cried (still cry) but made it through. It's funny how a home, a house itself, can become a safe haven. Bittersweet.


sara said...

We're so excited for you all and hope that you get to move into that beautiful house! I totally understand missing a house. As much as I wanted to move out of our last house, I cried when it became an actuality. Houses do hold memories for sure.

Sharon said...

You can do it! You will make memories in your new house! Remember those are just walls and your family makes it a home! I've been there done that 3 times is hard, but new special memories come with the new house too! It is very cute!

Superchikk said...

I cried when we left our first house, even though I was excited about moving.

Just think of all the new memories you will have in the future house!