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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Morning

Things I have done this morning...

Played with my babies in our bed. (They love that.)

Made more bracelets with the girls.

Loaded kids and a very angry cat into the car and took him (Faulkner) to the vet.

Broke up a fight b/t Belle and Dru over whether or not this bug was dead. (It was.)

AND as an update........ (drum roll, please....)

We have a contract on our house, and we just learned this morning that our offer on the other house in Springdale has been accepted. Can I get a "Praise the Lord?!"


Robyn said...

Praise the Lord! This has been such a long time coming for you all.

I love all the pictures from this morning...the bug pic cracks me up!

Sharon said...

PRAISE THE LORD! Ok, you are SO me! I would have totally taken pictures of things like that...what I've done today! I love it! What a GREAT blog post! I will have to do that on one of those days where it ends up like that...a lot, but not really much going on! :)

Kate said...

I am so happy about the news on your house! Go on vacation if you really want an offer on your house-that's what happend to our's and now your's. The picture of the kids in bed is so cute. And I love the Jeb's beach hat! If Parker didn't have such a huge head I would be asking to borrow that when we go to the beach in a few weeks.

Kate said...

By the way, I hear Taco Bueno has great mocha shakes! Ha. Love that story. :)

The Slaughters said...

Shut up!!! I swear, I have completely lost my mind!!!!

Superchikk said...

Dang, I need to go on vacation, it sounds like. Anyone want to finance that?

Where is your new house?