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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Here's the deal...

Ok, here's the deal. I shared in my very first blog entry back in January that I'm working on my first novel. All my life (well, at least since 2nd grade when I wrote my first story about an earthworm named Egbert--ingenious, right?) I have wanted to be a writer. I've done some freelance writing and editing here and there for pay (mostly pro bono), but for the most part, I don't enjoy it... especially the editing. Some people may wish they were better with the English language, but it can be a curse when you can't keep from editing the church bulletin every Sunday or billboards or random signs. Which reminds me..... last week at cheer camp I had to walk past a sign every day that said, and I quote, "NO STANDING OR SETTING ON STAIRS." Setting what, exactly? Drinks? Bags? Oh, did you mean SITTING? Well, then, that would be with an "i", not an "e". See? It's a curse!!! Anyway... I really wanted to finish my novel before Jeb was born, but with all the "issues" I had, especially at the end of my pregnancy, it just didn't happen. Then afterwards with the postpartum party, it didn't happen then either. And now, all I can think about is finishing.

There are three reasons that I can come up with why "finishing" hasn't happened. 1) 3 kids, not conducive to productivity 2) pure, unadulterated laziness accompanied by procrastination and 3) absolute fear of criticism. And I am fully aware that each and every listed reason, as truthful as it may be, is a pathetic, weak excuse. When God says, "Do this for me," you just do it. No excuses. Matt talked today in connection group about Moses and how he was terrified of his calling, but... he answered it, and the effect upon others was immeasurable. So, tonight I decided to give it up and answer my call head on. No more procrastinating or giving excuses. I'm in. I'm writing.

So, back to "here's the deal..." I've decided that every Sunday night, I'm going to post a small portion of the chapter I'm working on on the blog. I think by doing that, it does two things: 1) gives me a personal deadline and 2) gets me over the fear of other eyes reading my work. I can't even begin to explain how utterly terrifying that is to me. But you know, if I ever get published there is the possibility that someone else will have to read it first. So, I'll practice getting used to that here. It won't be a big portion of the novel, but a little.

So, tonight I decided to post a small excerpt of Chapter 1 and Chapter 9 (the last one I've completed). I'm cringing even as I write this, but no backing out. I'm not really looking for comments, although they are always fun to read. More than anything I ask for your prayers... prayers for my diligence and perseverance. Prayers for the cooperation of my kiddos. Prayers, prayers, prayers, and I thank you in advance. Ok, here goes nothing.


Kate stood still in the darkness of the kitchen. Her limbs no longer shaking. Her head no longer spinning. The queasiness gone from her stomach. Thoughts of Gray and the blond in her bed disappeared into the swirl of nothingness that slowly engulfed her body. She could feel the black void spinning around her like a vacuum, violently erasing her from when she stood, engulfing her heart and spirit, sucking away everything that was Kate Canton until there was nothing. Unaware, she slowly slid down the kitchen wall and ended up on the cold tile floor below. She no longer existed.


"...God was not taking care of them! God let them suffer! All the works of His hand are not good, and I will not lie for Him a day longer! So whether or not you find me to be a paradox, Kate Canton, is no concern of mine, but let me assure I am no one’s hero.” With that, he turned to leave, certain she would have nothing more to say. Kate watched him a moment and took a deep, shaky breath.

“Oh yes you are.” She finally spoke, soft and slow. Malcolm stopped and turned back to her. “You were a hero to my mother. You’re a hero to Ms. Beulah and Beulah Two. And you’re a hero to every person who comes to that church Sunday after Sunday and sits there waiting for you to stand up and say something.”

And since this is me we're talking about, and we all know I'm morally opposed to ending a post without including a picture...

I turned 33 on Saturday and celebrated by having a garage sale. Woo hoo. Last week, though, I celebrated with Matt's family, and this was my cake. (I'm slightly obsessed with flamingos. Probably because they're pink.)


The Ward's said...

Ang that is great! How many more chapters to go? What's next after you finish? I am so excited for you!
And, happy belated birthday!

Superchikk said...

I love your descriptives. It's hard to get those just right, but painfully obvious when they're bad. You have done a great job with those - at least what you've posted.

And I do the same thing - mentally editing and proofing signs, bulletins, etc. The worst is when the scroll thing on the news channel is messed up. That drives me CRAZY.

Oh, and a late Happy Birthday to you!

Sharon said...

Happy belated birthday! What a bad friend! :( Sorry! Great writing. Great story about your "God talking to you" too!

Even though I'm not a writer...the teacher in me comes out and I see the same type of things you are talking about w/editing and grammer! Yes, a curse or just use it to get a good laugh! :)