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Friday, June 27, 2008

Jamoca Shake Anyone???

High Blogging world. Rarely do I (Matt the wonderful, loving, handsome, smart, and every other good adjective husband of the Slaughterhouse Rules blogging queen) post something, but this was just too funny.

The other day I asked my beautiful wife to pick me up a Jamoca Shake from Arby's on her way to my office. She willingly did, but ran into a slight problem. When she pulled into the drive through to order she go all flustered. The menu looked different... she couldn't find the Jamoca Shake or any shake... she started to get worried. Any second the worker was going to ask her for her order, and she didn't want to ask for a Jamoca Shake if they didn't have them any more. That would be way too embarrassing.

Then it happened the speaker crackled and the worker said, "Welcome to Taco Bueno may I take your order." LOL.. I wish i could have been there to see her face. Ang said she didn't say a word, but just through her car in gear and drove over to Arby's.

After all that I did get a Jamoca Shake. I pretty much have the best wife ever! Thanks sweety for being so great! You are the most wonderful, loving, sexy, smart, and every other good adjective wife ever!


The Slaughters said...

THERE IS NO ROOM ON THIS BLOG FOR UNINVITED GUESTS BLOGGERS!!! But fine... if that's how you want to be.... this means war.

Anonymous said...

I love it!!!
Tammy Rye

Susan Pruitt said...

Now, this is the Ang I know. Too funny!

Chris said...

As we plan to see each other soon, I feel so strong in meeting at TB for coffee. How about your thoughts?

laughing so hard I am about to peeeeeeee, this was good. I luv you my friend!