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Friday, July 16, 2010

Wall Secrets

A friend of mine came over earlier in the week and kept complimenting me on my wall art. She asked me where I found it, and I laughed. Out loud. I wanted to say... "It's a pricey boutique downtown. You've probably never heard of it." But that would have been a huge and blatant lie.

The truth is, being a one-income family, we have to watch every penny. While decor is up there on my list of priorities, it's like number 592 on Matt's. The result is, I have to get creative.

So I thought I might share some of my wall decor with you and come clean about it. I did the math, and all total, I spent $15. Here we go...

I admit... I love the piece behind our bed. What is it? An ancient card table top I swiped from a neighbor's garage sale. Matt hacked off the legs, and there you have it. Price: FREE.

Above our entertainment armoire, same thing... another card table top I stole from Matt's grandparents. Price: FREE. To be honest, I'm obsessed with these things. I see them all over at antique stores and such and have to force myself not to buy another one. Two is enough, but they serve their purpose. Love them.

This is in my dining room and is simply fabric stretched across a wooden frame Matt built. I think we used a staple gun to secure it in place. I had a huge space on the wall I needed filled and no money to spend. I already had the fabric from a previous project, and Matt used scrap wood for the frame. Price: $0

I did actually spend money on this. It's an old church tile rescued from a dilapidated church. I scored it from a little antique shop in Prairie Grove, Arkansas, called Daisies and Olives. Price: I think $15.

Lots of wall space filled for not a lot of money. I have a few more ideas up my sleeve and will share them if they ever come to fruition. On another front... almost done editing my novel. Yay! I'll be honest, I'm sick of it. I need to walk away and put it in someone else's hands. So scary for me, but it's a MUST at this point. It's all running together!! I'm very ready to get someone else's opinion... I think I'll start with Matt. This should be interesting.


Nel said...

I love the wall art. OMG could not believe those were card tables. You rock girl! I am impressed!
I am sure you have had several volunteers, but if you need another proofreader, I would love to read your book. You do know after you have it published I would like to purchase an autographed copy! Just sayin... lol Joking aside, I did have proofing a couple years ago and was pretty good in that class, would love to donate my time.
until next time... nel